Monitoring & Evaluation and
Digital Solutions for your projects

Mainlevel supports organisations in the humanitarian, development, academic and private sectors to increase the impact and efficiency of their interventions.

Vision and services

Our vision is to contribute to a world in which evidence-based decision-making becomes the standard for the implementation of any intervention.

We aim at making a difference by enabling organisations to increase the impact of their interventions and reduce the complexity of programme implementation with our expertise in monitoring, evaluation and digitalisation.

Mainlevel provides an innovative approach to digitalisation and to monitoring & evaluation to a wide range of organisations in the development, academic, humanitarian and private sectors. We conduct evaluations, establish learning-oriented monitoring & evaluation systems and develop targeted digital solutions that help our clients to:

  • manage complex programmes based on solid evidence;
  • improve collaboration between stakeholders;
  • efficiently collect and learn from robust data;
  • manage knowledge and turn it into action.

Our team of skilled consultants supports your interventions with short-term assignments, long-term technical assistance and IT development.

Monitoring & evaluation

We develop coherent mechanisms for monitoring & evaluation, ensuring improved reporting capabilities and evidence-based decision-making. Wherever it is suitable or required, we enhance the usability and effectiveness of monitoring & evaluation systems through digital solutions. Our M&E services are based on solid Theory of Change based models.

Services for monitoring

Mainlevel provides consultancy services for monitoring of projects, programmes, intervention strategies and organisational performance.  We are experts in developing monitoring systems that include the following elements:

  • Coaching and consultancy on theories of change
  • Formulation and classification of indicators
  • Identification of data sources
  • Development of adequate data collection methods
  • Analysis and processing of data
  • Development of dissemination and reporting strategies

"In our multi-stakeholder education initiative we are now able to collaborate and report efficiently based on a commonly agreed monitoring system developed by Mainlevel"

Services for evaluation

Mainlevel independently evaluates projects, programmes, intervention strategies and organisational performance in a way to support the derivation of lessons learnt and formulation of pragmatic recommendations. We are able to base our evaluations on:

  • Complex theory of change models specifying the logic of an intervention
  • Existing methodologies used by OECD-DAC, EU, GIZ, World Bank, SDC, etc.
  • Experimental and quasi- experimental designs
  • Psychological and sociological approaches (e.g. behavioural theories)

Digitalisation & IT solutions

We provide digital strategies and IT solutions that support more efficient project management, monitoring and collaboration. Our tools and strategies aim at bridging the gap between project stakeholders and between implementation and management. Our digital services are based on user-centric, agile approaches.

Digital strategies

Mainlevel develops and implements digital strategies for any kind of intervention on national, regional and organisational level. Our solutions refer to a wide range from individual digital components to a holistic digital platform including the following services:

  • Analysis of existing processes, structures and tools in terms of efficiency
  • Assessment and definition of “digital needs” and requirements
  • Recommendations on technological opportunities
  • Design of a holistic digital strategy aligned to the specific context
  • Development of sub-strategies for communication, social media and capacity development
  • Coaching and training on the use of digital solutions

"The digital framework designed and currently implemented by Mainlevel leads to increased civic participation through better access to information and improved dialogue between government and citizens."

Facilitating programme management

The increased focus on achievements, transparency and accountability in the humanitarian, development, academic and private sector requires efficient ways for collaboration, reporting and decision-making. There is a common understanding that this can be facilitated by the use of modern and user-friendly digital solutions covering the following aspects:

  • Multi-channel approach (web and mobile access)
  • Central data storage (single point of truth)
  • Flexibility and scalability (modular architecture)
  • Cost-efficiency (open source)

IT solutions for monitoring & evaluation

Facilitating data collection

Mainlevel provides smart data collection solutions. They simplify and improve evidence-based data collection based on:

  • Indicator-based data collection
  • Customised questionnaires via advanced survey editor
  • Qualitative and quantitative data entering
  • Online and offline data collection

Improving data analysis and reporting

Mainlevel enables its clients to extract valuable information from the gathered data, to compile robust statistics, and to visualise them in a digestible and automated manner. Our digital solutions for data analysis and reporting include (but are not limited to) the following:


  • Online dashboard
  • Real-time information
  • Data aggregation via modern database technology
  • Automated reporting

Improving collaboration and knowledge management

Mainlevel provides solutions that allow for accessing and disseminating information efficiently to support collaborative processes and change management. Among others, our modular solutions include the following functions:

  • Online workspaces for project teams including chats and discussion blogs
  • Collaborative document management
  • Indicator management
  • Digital Theory of Change models


Dr. Felipe Isidor-Serrano

Co-founder, Consultant

Felipe is a founding member of Mainlevel and an internationally well-recognised senior expert and team leader in monitoring and evaluation (M&E).

He has conducted numerous short and long term M&E-missions on behalf of several organisations (e.g. EU, Worldbank, BMZ, GIZ, SDC, DFID, DANIDA) in different sectors.

David Haasner

Co-founder, Consultant

David is a founding member of Mainlevel and a management consultant with 14 years of experience in developing digital frameworks, platforms and solutions, both for the private and the public sector.

He has proven experience in leading teams in complex IT projects in the field of international development cooperation.

Olaf Haasner

Co-founder, Consultant

Olaf is a founding member of Mainlevel and an experienced business analyst with profound knowledge in project management and design of web-tools in the private, academic and development sector.

In his former position as managing director of the NGO Sport Unites, he was responsible for designing and implementing aid programmes in the Middle East.

Nicolas Moser

Chief Technology Officer

Being responsible for IT and software development, Nicolas brings a wealth of experience. He worked as a senior enterprise architect with over 10 years of experience in the information technology and services industry. He is skilled in Software-, System and Cloud Architecture, Project Management, Agile Development, Big Data Technologies and Microservices.

Francesco Cantoro


Francesco is an experienced consultant in monitoring and evaluation (M&E) and project management.

Being a team member since the foundation of the company, Francesco is currently involved in various M&E assignments and projects worldwide.

Anna Patzke Salgado


Anna is an experienced consultant in the field of evaluations and gender studies with regional experience in particular in Africa and India.

Lukas von Petersdorff-Campen


Lukas is an experienced evaluation consultant with regional experience in South-East Asia and Africa.

Before joining Mainlevel, he has gained significant evaluation experience as consultant for the KfW and the evaluation unit of GIZ.

Alice van Caubergh


Alice is an experienced consultant specialised in governance and rule of law.

In her assignments, mostly in the ACP region, she provided support to democratization, judicial reform, and protection and promotion of human rights programmes.

Daniel Brumund


Daniel is an internationally well-recognised consultant for digital solutions and communication with seven years of experience in leveraging the potential of social media and ICTs for international development cooperation (e.g. for GIZ, the EU and various NGOs).

Lena Siemon Marques


Lena is an internationally experienced consultant and trainer in monitoring and evaluation (M&E) and gender mainstreaming with regional experience in Rwanda and Cape Verde. She has worked across several sectors in development cooperation and also has solid experience in civic education, policy advice and research.

Dario Tokur


Dario is an experienced consultant for conceptualizing and developing digital solutions with a focus on mobile applications. He has an interdisciplinary background in sport and information sciences. Before joining Mainlevel, he gained experience in the project management of an EU-funded project as well as in conducting scientific research.

Judee Bendiola


Judee has gained competence as a consultant and instructor in the field of market expansion, cultural studies, and digitalisation in Asia, Europe, and North America. Considering her academic and professional experience, she has supported various intercultural projects from both public and private sectors within these regions.

Dietrich Hardock


Building up his skills as software developer, project manager and IT consultant on various fields over the last 10 years makes Dietrich an experienced consultant and issue solver for digital solutions.

Ts’elisehang Tsuinyane

Project Consultant

Tsuinyane is an experienced consultant in project management, monitoring and social media with technical expertise in HIV/AIDS, gender mainstreaming and decentralisation. He is based in Maseru, Lesotho, where he works as social media manager for our digitalisation assignment for the Participatory Initiative for Social Accountability (PISA).

Ivana Tapuskovic

Software engineer

Ivana is an experienced software engineer specialised in mobile applications, currently also responsible for Mainlevel’s mobile application for gathering, entering and analysing monitoring data on smartphones and tablets.

Jasmina Ilic

Software engineer

Jasmina is an experienced frontend software developer currently also responsible for developing intuitive and user-friendly forms and interfaces for our web-based monitoring solutions.

News & Projects

9 May, 2018

EVZ: Evaluation of Political Education Projects

30 April, 2018

DSW: Feasibility Study for the “Zukunft Sichern” programme in Uganda

26 April, 2018

Bread for the World: Evaluation of the “Churches helping Churches” Programme

Bread for the World churches helping churches
16 April, 2018

GIZ: Developing an IT solution for Cambodia’s Poverty Identification System

mainlevel IDPoor analysis Cambodia
28 March, 2018

ASPR: Enhancing Human Security in West Africa

Mainlevel Ghana Austria Evaluation ASPR
14 March, 2018

Training: Monitoring & evaluation in practice (9 April – Eschborn)

13 March, 2018

ADC: Mid-term review of the Kosovo Country Strategy 2013-2018

1 March, 2018

GIZ: Improving research instruments to support youth employment in Uganda

20 February, 2018

DAAD: Evaluating behavioural effects of ‘Study in Germany’ campaign

2 February, 2018

GIZ: Development of an IT tool for collecting aggregated results data

16 January, 2018

UNRWA: Evaluating Palestine refugee project in Lebanon and Jordan

11 December, 2017

Mainlevel in Berlin: New office opening

8 December, 2017

We are hiring: IT developers and digitalisation consultants

30 November, 2017

GIZ: Developing a Results Communication Toolkit for the governance sector

24 November, 2017

C40 Cities Finance Facility: Establishing an efficient M&E system

6 November, 2017

K to 12 PLUS Project: Implementation of tracer studies (Philippines)

8 September, 2017

SDC: Evaluating the Regional Cooperation Strategy Middle East 2015-2018

11 August, 2017

DAAD: Mid-term evaluation of the international P.R.I.M.E. programme

16 June, 2017

PISA: Development of a digitalisation strategy and framework for GIZ (Lesotho)

30 May, 2017

K to 12 PLUS Project: Development of a monitoring system (Philippines)

20 January, 2017

Evaluation of the German contribution to the Global Monitoring


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